Welcome to the MidAmerica Herbal Symposium

When Bonnie, the founder of this event, was in her early training years in herbalism and was frequenting the New England states and attending not only her herbal classes but conferences out there, she had the idea of bringing these exceptional teachers to the Midwest so others can learn from them as well.

She met many of the teachers she has brought to the symposium from her clinical years of training in Vermont. Others, she sat in on their classes or workshops at various herbal conferences across the country over the last decade.

With this being said she organized with the help of a great team, holding the first MidAmerica Herbal Symposium in 2008 and another in 2010. Attendees were asking why she didn’t do this every year; her reply was, Oh, Dear, the work involved. She also has a clinical practice and a product line that she takes care of and an apprenticeship program!  But, bringing these fabulous teachers to the Midwest so others can learn from them is a must!

So, they set to restructuring the MidAmerica Symposium. Many attendees requested not having a huge choice of classes to choose from, keeping the symposium on a smaller lighter scale. Our first symposium offered “intensives” as other conferences do, with paying an additional fee to attend one. These classes are 3 hours in length giving the teacher much more time to present their material, plus attendees loved the length of these classes.  Thus, the structure of the MidAmerica; 2 and 3 hour classes, the whole conference offers multiple intensives!!

We still have to keep a group of back to back classes, keeping a variety to accommodate the beginners to the advanced attendees. The decision came to have 4 classes going on at a time. But, they are intensive classes 2 and 3 hours long without the additional fee.

Next was to find a place that housed enough people, expenses were reasonable and it was in the Woods. Bonnie has a friend that worked at Whitewater State Park and reminded her of the group camp facility. A visit ensued and now the MidAmerica is hosting its 4th year at the parks camp. And what a beautiful park it is. Teachers and attendees have commented on the beauty that surrounds them. The lush woodlands, the open prairies, the tremendous rock cliffs, the abundance of meandering trails, the gi-normous mushrooms, and the peaceful gurgling of the Whitewater River (creek) that runs by camp.

So you will find the symposium each year the 3 rd weekend of September. When plants are still showing their colors, giving us their early yawns that fall is creeping upon us. Still displaying their vibrant spirits to us as we bring superb teachers and enthusiastic students together asking the plants to be their teachers and hear of their amazing wonders of medicine.

Everything is great; the symposium is loved by all! Teachers have commented on the peacefulness of the symposium. Keeping this symposium quaint means teachers and attendees enjoy just sitting by the creek in a quiet conversation.

One problem may incur, we have put a cap on registration. The camp holds 130 people, so when it’s full, it’s full. The camp also has a beautiful commercial kitchen and kitchen staff has prepared some wonderful dishes comprised of local ingredients. Gratefully this symposium is at a State Park, so there is camping in the general park at their campsites when we fill up the group camp cabins.

So if you want to attend a very enlightening, highly educational herbal affair, come and check us out. All while having an abundance of fun and enjoying each others great company. Come meet some new friends!!

Along with the Spirit of the Plants,


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