Friday Schedule

For those whom prefer to arrive Friday morning, registration is open early.  You can get checked in, pick up your packets and find your cabin before opening circle.

Backyard Farmacy

with Nancy Scarzello

Common and not-so-common uses of local plants ~ surprises galore ~ in this workshop! Beginning with a power point that takes you on a ‘virtual’ walk through the seasons to discover foods and medicinal plants growing in the garden, backyard, fields, and forest surrounding the home.  Learn how to forage the plants and trees for food, and teas.

How Sweet It Isn’t…..Preventing and Managing Type 2 Diabetes

with Sylvia Gaboriault

Diabetes is a complex disease that is on the rise. As community educators we can do much to help others prevent its progression and complications through lifestyle changes. Food choices, movement and herbs can play a major role managing blood sugar.  Sylvia will review how these interventions are used in the treatment of diabetes and as compliment to allopathic approaches. Screening will be offered.

Winter Health; Building Immunity

with Amy Goodman Kiefer

This class will give you a effective body of knowledge with which to help oneself, family and community to meet winter’s challenges. Whether you are beginning your journey with the plants or wish to delve deeper into this subject, our Winter Herbal Apothecary and remedies are extremely effective and often times delicious. We will explore many of the illnesses particular to winter and our goal is to keep your family and home well. We’ll make and taste herbal preparations and explore extensive recipes. You’ll find improved immunity, confidence in choosing which remedy will be most effective for particular conditions, and a winter of vibrant health.

Creating a Deep Relationship with the Plant People

with Karyn Sanders

You will learn how to have a full relationship with the plants. How to have them as part of us daily. How to give to the plants and show up for them. We will talk about tending the plants and respecting the relationship with them fully. How to come to the plants and not the other way around.

Endocrine System and our Chakras

with Kathleen Maier

The more we learn about endocrine functioning, the more we realize that the whole body is actually this system. Hormones are messengers who communicate needs, thoughts, desires and impulses from within as well as without the self. This class will look at the chakras and how they are related to hormones and the interconnectedness of these systems. We will look at thyroid dysregulation, diabetes, menopause, and other issues with an energetic viewpoint.

The Medicine at Our Feet

with Deb Soule and Suzanna Stone

Two heads are better than one……or in this case two Herbalists!! Join Deb and Suzanna on a wild plant ramble to identify and learn about the healing properties of the abundant local, medicinal herbs.

Resting Well

with Sarah Holmes

What is keeping you awake at night? This class will explore the reasons for poor sleep; emotional, spiritual and physical. We will also explore strategies and herbs for a better night’s sleep.

Last years Herb Book Fair was a tremendous success!!  Many commented on the array of great books available.  What a great place to purchase ‘top notch’ herb books than at an herbal conference!  We are going to increase the titles this year and add some more great plant ID books. (as some attendees requested)

Saturday Schedule

The Art of Fermentation

  with Suzanna Stone

Fermentation is a traditional way of food preparation and transformation that not only preserves the harvest but also yields greater nourishment, a healthier digestive system, and thus increased vitality through the building and support of a healthy micro-biome.

Being in Your Power – Having Resilience in Your Life

with Karyn Sanders

What is balanced power; how do you hold it and walk in your power every day? How do you live a life of full presence; we will talk of all of this and we’ll look at how to take what life offers and stand strong and open. We will look at different ways and practices to incorporate into our daily lives to insure this and herbs to help with this.

Creating a Healing Garden for Pollinators and People

with Deb Soule

Herbal gardens offer inspiration and healing to pollinators and people. This workshop will cover several different medicinal and flowering plants that provide nectar and protection for hummingbirds, native bees, song birds, and butterflies. Included will be information about garden design and soil health, planning, harvesting, preparing and using healing plants and an introduction to using the Biodynamic Planting Calendar.

Nurturing your Fierce Heart

with Sarah Holmes

In order to change our world, to change the dominant paradigm, we need to change. I believe the fundamental shift we need arises from our hearts. That the root of most disease is some form of disconnection; from self, others, spirit. In order to heal we need to seek out connection and be fierce about our Love.  This class will include visualizations and plant meditations in order to ground the discussion in our bodies and hearts.

Women’s Bodies as Sacred Journey

with Kathleen Maier

We will re-visit maiden, mother, matriarch/amazon, crone archtypes and see them from an energetic viewpoint. We will then have a greater understanding how our physiological transitions give rise to our psychedelic selves – women with roots, women with vision.

Sacred Teachings of the Plants

with Amy Goodman-Kiefer

An experiential workshop; an adventure into a state of communication with the green world. The plants are trustworthy guides and can lead us home to the deepest part of ourselves. We will slow down, spend time outside and drink from this deep well of connection, that is our birthright. We will take our time and explore ways to strengthen the language that resides within us all, the language of connection to life and spirit that flows within us and surrounds us. With presence, awareness and the help of our green allies, we can awaken the innate gifts we all carry, our ability to feel and hear the plants, trees and environment to which we belong. “Spirit speaks to us, we have only to listen”. These pathways within us are alive, simple and hold the deep nourishment we all crave; the sense of truly belonging, as we touch the sacred in our everyday lives.

Amazing Fungi- Gourmet Food and Medicine

with Sylvia Gaboriault

We’ll cover medicinal attributes, growing, cooking and medicine preparations for four (4) mushrooms that are commonly eaten as foods but hold powerful medicine- Maitaki, Shitake, Oyster, and Lion’s Mane. We’ll discuss ways to include these delicious foods into our diet and how to make medicinal extracts. We’ll have a mixture of lecture, discussion, medicine making, tasting, and fun!

Herbs ~ A Foundation for Wellness, Self-Care and Healing

with Nancy Scarzello

Thirty years ago raising a family, I could not afford health insurance on our low-income budget. How was I to make sure we were taken care of, keep us healthy and out of the doctor’s office? This was my cue to segue from culinary herbs and lip balms to the health and prevention capabilities of medicinal herbs. My kitchen herbs revealed a hundred more uses and the “wild” plants of the garden and forest became stars in my apothecary. This class is not only about prevention ~ its about being healthy in the first place, daily self-care practices and swift healing when something does arise. Learn about my favorite herbs and everyday practices incorporating the kitchen herbs and wild ones for a healthy and happy lifestyle. (P.S. ~ I still don’t have health insurance, but I DO have Health Assurance!)

Connections:  The Balance of It All

with Karyn Sanders

Connections are the reason we are alive. They are the reason we are in balance and thriving. The interweaving of everything in the Universe’s and on Earth is the key to not only all that is, but the core of energetic herbalism. Understanding our place as humans and herbalists in this dynamic creates intimacy with all beings. With this knowledge we are able to create change and healing as herbalists.

Sunday Schedule

Making Sweet Medicine

with Suzanna Stone

Herbal syrups are a simple and delicious way to take herbal medicine. In this workshop we will make an immune boosting anti-viral syrup, a nourishing nervine syrup, a blood building iron rich syrup and a respiratory syrup. This is a hands-on workshop which will enable you to begin making and incorporating these healing remedies at home.

Realities and Fantasies of Life as an Herbalist

with Kathleen Maier

This class will be more of an open forum where we will discuss our lives and roles as herbalists in our communities. We’ll discuss setting up classes, practices, clinics and all the emotions and challenges facing the endangered species called herbalists.

Growing Your Own Apothecary

with Amy Goodman Kiefer

Gardening is a journey, a partnership with the soil, with all the elements, with the seen and the unseen. Working with the plants is about building and deepening relationships with our green allies. There is no better way to really get to know a plant, than to grow it. Doing so encourages us to slow down, to observe, and to fully engage our senses. We’ll explore 10 or more plants from seed/seedling to full-grown and look deeply at the gifts each plant has to offer.  We’ll learn growing, tending, harvesting and preserving each plant, as well as investigate their medicinal uses. We’ll meet them through our senses, taste them, feel them, smell them, and journey with 1 or 2 of them along with exploring ways of incorporating them into your daily lives.

Plant Families From a Native American Perspective

with Karyn Sanders

Come and learn how plant families are seen from a native american perspective. What makes a plant family and the importance of each one to the group energy. How to be able to recognize by the plants around you- who might be living there. Learn how to grow plants in their family environment and more…….

Love Your Liver

with Sarah Holmes

Come explore the importance of the liver. Just what this vital organ does and how a healthy liver creates a foundation of health through all of our body systems. Herbs and essences that support this work will be covered.

Passing Gas and Other Digestive Follies

with Sylvia Gaboriault

Digestive upset is the brunt of many jokes but it is no laughing matter to those affected by it. We’ll cover some common digestive disorders such as reflux, diarrhea, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). We’ll discuss how to manage these issues with nutrition, plant medicine and lifestyle changes.

Medicinal Mushrooms ~ The Wild Connection

with Nancy Scarzello

Medicinal mushrooms have “mushroomed” onto the marketplace ~ we hear about them everywhere: in magazines, Oprah, Dr. Oz, TV and all over the news. Some have been found for sale on Craig’s List! Three have been under the spotlight that deserve our attention ~ chaga, reishi, and turkey tails. These three are easily found in the wild in this part of the world, and can be of great benefit. However, there is great concern over misuse and irresponsible harvesting, especially for chaga. Come and get Educated! Where do they grow? How/when/if to harvest? Nancy will share 20 years of experience working with the wild mushrooms, how she came to develop her medicinal mushroom extracts and the beautiful relationship that we all can experience with these magnificent forest beings.

Here is where we say our Farewells for another year.  Our final laughter and give much Gratitude to our teachers for coming and spending time with us and sharing they incredible knowledge with us.

We also Thank You for coming and being a part of this growing community of plant loving people.  Your assignment until next year, sit with a new plant, listen to its voice, feel its energy as it moves with yours and touches your Spirit. 

We’ll see you all next year, same time, same place